Monday, November 15, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #14: MOM!

Yes, Mom. It's time to come out of the closet. Show your face as the anipal crazy pet Mom (or Mr. Mom) that you are. No excuses. Let's see your mugs! Here's mine:
If you just can't bear a photo, a self portrait is permitted.

If you would like to qualify to win a prize from, please follow all steps in NEW RULES tab above, and comment here that you have done so! You're on the honor system. I can't keep looking up who's following who on twitter!  ; )   Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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  1. Cokie, your momma looks great, did you draw that ? :)

  2. Oh crumbs I'll really have to think about this one I don't really have a mum (if I did she would be a baboon) maybe my person will have to do.

  3. I followed the new rules but forgot to ever comment and say that I did. Oops! *snickers*

    My mom says she's gonna have to make a self portrait now so I can post for this week...

  4. M hasn't decided yet I she wants her "mug" plasted all over the internet yet or not. She's kinda funny that way. Stay tuned to see if I can convince her.