Monday, September 27, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #7: Hey! That's Not Me!

I hope some of our Less Adoptable Pets have been adopted, or have good prospects! I'm still looking for a home for Boomer the Cheshire Cat.

This week's Anipal Photo Hunt Theme is "Hey! That's Not Me!" The idea is to post pics, drawings, cartoons, videos - that look like you, but aren't you.

To join the Photo Hunt, write your own "Hey! That's Not Me!" post on your blog, then come back here to link to the Blog Hop, below.

For a chance to win this week's Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop prize, see the Extra Credit tab at the top of this page. 

Let's see your secret twins!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #6: Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week Challenge

BlogPaws' Be The Change For Pets is asking everyone to post a 'less-adoptable' pet on their blog during the week of Sept 19-25, so that's what we're doing!

  • Please post a photo and adoption information for a senior, special needs, or otherwise hard to place pet, and link back to the Anipal Photo Hunt here. 
  • Then go to the BlogPaws website and add your blog to their "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week Challenge" link list.
  • You can also link your post to their Facebook page to get even more exposure, and hopefully a home, for your 'less adoptable' pet.

My 'less adoptable' pet is Boomer, a five year old, 11 pound, neutered male black tabby domestic longhair cat who looks like Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat.  : )
BOOMER the Cheshire Cat: Your new best friend!

Boomer has been in a Los Angeles City Animal Shelter since July 27, 2010. Please help me find him a forever home before it's too late!I'll even pay the adoption fee if someone can guarantee him a good home and lots of love, but can't afford the fee - references required. (Email CokietheCat at forward a link to this post to all of your social networks and pet people. If you or someone you know adopts Boomer, please let me know!

Adoption info: BOOMER - ID#A1136222 
East Valley Animal Shelter
14409 Vanowen St., Van Nuys, CA 91405
(888) 452-7381
Click here for L.A. City Animal Services Adoption Information website.

For a chance to win this week's Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop prize, see the Extra Credit tab at the top of this page. 

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #5: BLOG PAWS

This week a lot of anipals are in Denver, Colorado, at a conference called BlogPaws.

I thought we could use that as our theme for this week. You have a choice of posting your photos from BlogPaws, or photos of you, blogging!

Here are some pics of my stunt double, the "other" Cokie the Cat, at BlogPaws today. He's staying with @teenysfriend's mom, Katy!

My BlogPaws stand-in, at home.
Here he is networking. That's Katy waving!
@pumpkingpuddy took this pic - Hey! Those are my pants!

OK, now it's your turn! Go post your "BLOG PAWS" photos on your blog, then come back here and click the link below to join the Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop. Then blog hop!!

For complete directions, or if you want to try to win a prize with Extra Credit, click on the tabs at the top of this blog. 

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #4: MY BED

Show us your bed!  ; ) 
And your bedroom, if you like.
Not your human's bed (unless you always sleep there)
but your very own special bed.
My bed is my castle.
In my case, a man cat's bed is his castle.
It's perfect for me because it has a hidey hole
It's really wide (I'm a big guy)
It has two windows (so I can see when HE's sneakin' up on me)
And I can lie on top of it and rest my head on the turrets.
I see you out there!
This is usually my very dark man cave.
The mama used a bright flash for this pic!
Blurry, I know, but mom insisted.
They love it when I stick my head out the window for some reason.

Oh fine. Invade my privacy for my little cousin. OK.

If you ever see a kitty castle like this, please let me know.
The manufacturer, Green Duck, went out of business
And I could really use a new one.

Now it's your turn! Where do you dream your wildest dreams??

There's a prize for the first one to do all of the following:
1. Post your MY BED pic(s) to your own blog.
2. Add the Anipal Photo Hunt button on this page to your blog (it has the new link to this page).
3. Follow @anipalphotohunt on Twitter.
4. Click the Click here to enter link at the bottom of this post to connect your blog to this Blog Hop.
5. Click the Get the code here... link below that to add all the participants' links to your blog.
6. Comment on this post that you completed all 5 steps!
OOPS! I forgot to say you have to make one of your pics from this week's Anipal Photo Hunt your Facebook or Twitter profile pic!! Mariodacat did everything else, so he's our winner this week. Next week though, the winner will also have to change their profile pic...  ; ) 

One prize per week and you can only win once, but keep playing!
Show us your pics!

Playing Catch Up: Anipal Photo Hunts #1, 2 & 3

Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hops # 1 #2 & #3 are on Cokie the Cat's website.

You can browse all the participants' submissions on their own blogs by following their links below Cokie's Anipal Photo Hunt posts:


There are samples of photos from each Anipal Photo Hunt at the bottom of this blog.
You can see them bigger on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop Website

Same Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop! Just a new place to find it and link to your blogs.

This should be much easier than looking for the new themes each week on my page at, although I hope you don't forget about me, and continue to visit me once in a while!

I'll set up the links here on Sunday, Sept. 4th. I'll also change the links on the Anipal Photo Hunt buttons for your blogs so they redirect here. You'll have to post replace the old button with the new one though - sorry!

This will be far less complicated and more fun, I promise!

Thanks for following us over here!!

Cokie the Cat
(and the mama)