Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #5: BLOG PAWS

This week a lot of anipals are in Denver, Colorado, at a conference called BlogPaws.

I thought we could use that as our theme for this week. You have a choice of posting your photos from BlogPaws, or photos of you, blogging!

Here are some pics of my stunt double, the "other" Cokie the Cat, at BlogPaws today. He's staying with @teenysfriend's mom, Katy!

My BlogPaws stand-in, at home.
Here he is networking. That's Katy waving!
@pumpkingpuddy took this pic - Hey! Those are my pants!

OK, now it's your turn! Go post your "BLOG PAWS" photos on your blog, then come back here and click the link below to join the Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop. Then blog hop!!

For complete directions, or if you want to try to win a prize with Extra Credit, click on the tabs at the top of this blog. 

Click here only if you have a free WordPress blog which doesn't support Java.


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  3. I'm having a brainless morning. Made a comment. It turned out to be nonsense. Didn't see that I could delete it, so made another useless comment. Then figured out I could delete my comment so deleted them both.

    Anyway, made a photohunt entry and made that pic my avi. Sigh. I need sleep.

  4. Great idea Cokie! I'll get M busy taking a pic of me writing my blog today or tomorrow.

  5. I love the Cokie stunt dubbull! I posted the pic of me writing my bloggie and at least there do be some cheese in it fur me. I take bribes fur werking on my bloggie on command.

  6. I'm preparing to blog in my post, MOL! Changed my Twitter avi too - I'm keeping NJ busy!

  7. Your double is handsome but not as handsome as you!