Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop Website

Same Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop! Just a new place to find it and link to your blogs.

This should be much easier than looking for the new themes each week on my page at, although I hope you don't forget about me, and continue to visit me once in a while!

I'll set up the links here on Sunday, Sept. 4th. I'll also change the links on the Anipal Photo Hunt buttons for your blogs so they redirect here. You'll have to post replace the old button with the new one though - sorry!

This will be far less complicated and more fun, I promise!

Thanks for following us over here!!

Cokie the Cat
(and the mama)


  1. This is very cool ! *Mum is excited too because instructions will be for "computer challenged" ones* like her !* This blog looks very handsome.....rather like you Cokes ! XXXX

  2. Cool Cokie. Probably a smart move!!